AlphaStudio Data Science Intern

Location: New York, New York, United States

Ref#: POS-5784

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Two Sigma is different from other investment firms. Founded by a statistician and a computer scientist, we specialize in the advanced application of technology, data, and evidence to optimize outcomes in many domains. The global markets fuel our imagination with unlimited information to study, countless efficient ways to take action, and meaningful opportunity to improve by iteration. We draw ideas and inspiration from the broader computer science, mathematics, statistics, and investment communities. We strive to use data and large scale machine learning techniques to model and understand the financial world around us.  

To boost our R&D capabilities in a world of ever-growing data, AlphaStudio, a new team within Two Sigma (across Quantitative Research and Engineering) is cultivating a global community of top scientific talent. We are partnering with this community through an online, cloud-based extension of our platform, to generate world-class research at scale.

We are seeking intellectually curious and creative individuals who are deeply passionate about data science to join our team for the summer. The Data Science Intern will play a critical role in building and scaling this effort, which we see as an internal start-up, in our continued pursuit to reveal value in the world’s data.
As a Data Science Intern, you will:

  • Collaborate with and learn from our close-knit team of quantitative researchers, data scientists, engineers, and data discovery colleagues
  • Conduct analyses and develop tools and methodologies that will enable world-class researchers to uncover insights in data of various types, sizes, structures, and modeling applications
  • All the while, you can remain engaged in the academic community. As examples, you can:
  • Join our reading circles to stay up to date on the latest research papers in your fields
  • Attend academic seminars to learn from thought leaders from top universities
The internship program lasts 10 weeks in the summer and takes place at our Soho-based, New York City office. You will partner with an assigned mentor during the course of your time here, which will culminate in a final presentation at the conclusion of the program.

You’ll do best in this role if you:

  • Are pursuing a degree in a technical or quantitative disciplines, like data science, statistics, mathematics, physics, electrical engineering, or computer science with approximately one year remaining in your programs 
  • Are an independent thinker who can creatively approach data analysis and  communicate complex ideas clearly
  • Have performed in-depth research examining real-world data (preferably with time series), using popular scripting languages (particularly Python)
  • Demonstrate an ability to learn quickly, entrepreneurial spirit, and adaptability in a fast-paced, collaborative team environment

Experience in finance is a plus, but more than half of Two Sigma’s employees come from outside the finance industry. 

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