Quantitative Researcher - Internship (Bachelor's/Master's)

Location: New York, New York, United States

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At Two Sigma, we’re different  from other investment firms. Founded by a statistician and a computer scientist, our approach is systematic and diversified. The global markets fuel our imagination with unlimited information to study, countless efficient ways to take action and meaningful opportunity to improve by iteration. We draw ideas and inspiration from the broader math, science, and investment communities.

When you work with us, you tackle tough problems alongside other scientists and engineers. People who will challenge your ideas. Who you can really learn from, and collaborate with. And you’ll be doing work that matters to a lot of people, too. Our investors include some of the world’s largest retirement funds, research institutions, educational endowments, healthcare systems and foundations. We admire what they do, and we’re proud to serve these organizations.

What you’ll do

As a quantitative research intern, you will:

All the while, you’ll remain engaged in the academic community. As examples, you can:

The internship program lasts 10 weeks in the summer and takes place at our Soho-based, New York City office. You will partner with an assigned mentor and work on a single project during the course of your time here, which will culminate in a final presentation at the conclusion of the program.

What we’re looking for

You’ll do best in this role if you:

You don’t need a background in finance. It’s nice to have, but more than half of Two Sigma’s employees come from outside the finance industry.  If you’ve got the quantitative skills, we can teach you the financial aspects of the job.

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