Senior Integration Engineer - Productivity Tools

Location: New York, New York, United States

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The Social and Collaboration Tools team is looking for a senior engineer.

As Two Sigma grows, having a well thought-out and reliable collaboration platform becomes an increasingly difficult and important problem to solve. Our team helps modelers, traders, and engineers across the organization to efficiently communicate and to share and find reliable information and resources. We are responsible for the infrastructure that underlies that - our wiki, forums, chat system, file sharing service, etc. We are seeking an engineer to help maintain and build out this product suite.

The engineering work involved includes keeping our systems highly available and scaling with company growth, incorporating third-party software or building new systems where appropriate, and integrating the different services into a cohesive hole. Your work will directly and immediately impact all employees of the company, and as such, interpersonal and communication skills will be needed to help with requirements-gathering and support. We are seeking a senior engineer to help set the design and architectural direction of the team and ensure best practices are followed.

You will be expected to:

- Build out portions of our collaboration infrastructure, particularly in regards to our wiki, chat and forums products.

- Maintain portions of our collaboration infrastructure to enable high availability and scaling to handle growing usage.

- Serve as a technical mentor to more junior engineers, assisting in design and code reviews.

- Establish and maintain best practices on the team in regards to monitoring, logging, testing, etc.

- Proactively seek out and implement ways to improve our systems, through new features, reducing support, improving uptime, etc.

Qualifications and experience:

- Advanced degree in Computer Science or a related, quantitative field.

- 6+ years of experience with systems and/or operational development, including configuring disparate systems to work together in a secure, reliable and redundant manner.

- Strong coding skills in a backend development language such as java.

- Strong communication and interpersonal skills, as you will be in frequent contact with end-users.

- Prior experience with collaboration technology such as Atlassian is a bonus, but is not required.

- Prior experience in finance is not required.

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