Cloud Security Engineer

New York, New York, United States

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The mission of Two Sigma is to find value in the world's data. At our core we are a technology business. We use vast data sets from over a thousand diverse sources, advanced machine learning techniques, and scientific approaches to find critical connections that help drive the world's economy, safeguard the retirement savings of millions of people, and fund groundbreaking research.

At Two Sigma we fully embrace our "Nice Geeks" culture. Our facilities are designed to encourage people to come together and share ideas. Our personnel are rewarded for cross group collaboration and driving innovation. We also embrace fun and encourage play because we know giving our brains activity outside of our core jobs helps us be more creative and gain new insights that are relevant to our daily tasks.

Because we are looking for radical, novel, unique, inspiring, and innovative solutions, we place a high premium on diversity. We need people who see the world from angles we don't, so we can ensure that our solutions are the best possible, for the greatest number of people possible. We also know that embracing diversity of all kinds leads to inspiration, which leads to innovation, which allows us to change the world. If you are passionate, and interested in joining us on this adventure, we would love to meet you.

The Two Sigma Security team is focused on pushing the boundaries of what is possible when we reevaluate traditional assumptions and embrace modern technology. Whether we are unlocking the potential of quantitative analysis, pushing the limits of zero trust, driving cloud infrastructure to new heights, or developing our own solutions to common authentication and authorization challenges, we embody a culture of proactive and transparent innovation.

The Cloud Security Architect will report to the manager for Cloud Security and work hand-in-hand with other members of the team, additional teams within Security, and will partner with a number of engineering teams across the firm. Our work is fluid and dynamic, and on any given day this role could be engaged in any of the following tasks:

  • Providing architecture and design-time review and guidance to key business partners building and deploying new applications that leverage public cloud platforms

  • Assessing security risk associated with integrated and native public cloud services and recommending controls and guidance to meet the risk tolerance of the business

  • Defining security policy for the public cloud and validating compliance with this policy

  • Threat and risk modeling

  • Designing and building systems that allow for secure review, deployment, and continuous validation of public cloud infrastructure

The Cloud Security team partners closely with our stakeholders through the design, development and implementation of initiatives that span various public cloud provider platforms, in order to incorporate a robust security posture from the outset to accelerate innovation across the firm. This is a highly visible role with impact across many lines of business, each with distinct threat models, risks and technologies.

This presents opportunities to own relationships with engineering, modeling, and business partners, become the lead for core aspects of our own products, and build trust and credibility to help define and guide the technological road-map for key business initiatives.

Success for this role will be defined through demonstrated ownership of technology areas and tools, contributions to the Cloud Security team’s knowledge, tooling, products, and documentation, as well as teaching and advising our partners. This role will entail building relationships with business partners, becoming their first point of contact and trusted advisor for security questions and guidance in their initiatives.

Requirements to apply for the role:

  • 3 years of experience building infrastructure or applications on one of the following cloud platforms:

    • Amazon Web Services

    • Google Cloud Platform

    • Microsoft Azure

  • 1 year of of experience writing and reviewing Infrastructure as Code in at least one of the following tools:

    • Terraform

    • CloudFormation

    • Google Cloud Deployment Manage