New York, New York, United States

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Identify, ingest, and enrich a wide range of structured and unstructured big data into datasets for analysis.  Operate and extend data infrastructure platform to deliver production-grade data curation and analysis services.  Maintain data integrity by amplifying data quality and completeness with a process-driven approach and measurement dashboards.  Own end-to-end data workflows and develop deep domain expertise on the underlying actors and behaviors manifested through data.  Communicate data-driven analysis and insights in the form of “data studies” that enable our investment management research process.

Minimum Requirements:  Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics, Financial Engineering, Operations Research and Engineering, Applied Science and Urban Informatics or related quantitative/data focused Degree plus 1 year of experience as a Quantitative Data Analyst.

Must have experience using the following quantitative skills and software technologies: 

  • Hands-on data analysis with large scale datasets and unstructured data; 
  • Relational and big data concepts and management of large datasets; 
  • Probability theory and statistics; 
  • Python programming (both structured and Object Oriented); 
  • Python data analysis packages (including Numpy, Pandas, and Scipy); 
  • SQL and relational databases; 
  • Data visualization tools and packages (including matplotlib, plotly, and Tableau); and
  • Ability to work with real world data (non-financial data) to produce meaningful insights that could aid investment process and knowledge of Regex.  

Must also pass company’s “Data Challenge” skills assessment.

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