New York, New York, United States

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Duties: Support, design, engineer/develop, and test options trading algorithms and execution systems components in algorithm trading environment. Improve execution costs by analyzing options micro-structure, building/engineering execution cost models, and executing various execution plans that help reduce trading costs. Analyze markets, alternate data-sources and various business processes to identify revenue-generating opportunities. Develop/engineer PnL decomposition models to better understand execution quality; and propose, analyze and develop improvements based on empirical data. Identify and develop manual areas of the business by building/engineering automated solutions. Perform software design, development/engineering, and full-application life cycle for real-time options and equities trading utilizing various market intelligence services.

Minimum education required: Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Computational Finance, Mathematics, Statistics, or Financial Engineering.

Minimum experience required: 5 years of experience in Algorithmic Options IT Trading Platform development positions.

Skills required: Must have experience using the following skills: 

  • Object-oriented languages (JAVA, C++); 
  • Scripted languages (Python, Kdb, Perl); 
  • Working in a distributed programming environment analyzing very large data-sets (Hadoop, Spark, Kafka); 
  • Developing, maintaining, and supporting live production trading system responsible for trading; 
  • Options and Equities Trading and their related market micro-structure (Trading Mechanism, Option and Equities pricing and trading, exchange fees, trading rules, familiarity with alternate data-sets including Auctions, Algorithm Trading and Quoting Structure, Market Participants and their use cases including Market Makers, Flow Desks, Retail, and Institutional Investors); 
  • Building trading Execution models; 
  • Analyzing trading positions, markets, and other alternate data-sets with a track record of monetizing; and
  • Designing, building, improving, and testing large software systems responsible for real-time trading and simulation.  
Must also pass company’s required skills assessment.