New York, New York, United States

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Duties: Build and engineer responsive and accessible software interfaces.  Design, architect, engineer and implement new software feature requests.  Work with backend engineers to design APIs that are consistent with front-end software needs.  Review incoming software code review requests for logic, quality, consistency, and correctness.  Write documentation and usage guides for software products and interfaces.  Provide engineering support for existing software products and implement software bug fixes.  Analyze trade-offs, security, and robustness of open-source software solutions.  Examine software product requirements and provide solution time estimates.  Identify and tag key page events and user actions for statistics, analytical, and monitoring purposes. Monitor software event logs for warnings, errors, and anomalies. Perform software testing and quality assurance functions, including writing unit and integration tests.  Deploy versioned software for end-user consumption.

Minimum education required: Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or a related Information Technology (IT) field.

Minimum experience required: 1 year of experience in IT engineering position(s) with experience using the skills/technologies listed below.

Skills required: Must have knowledge of the following skills: 

  • Front-end (Web UI) software systems; 
  • HTML5, the DOM, and CSS3; 
  • Proficiency in JavaScript computer software framework React.js; 
  • Data structure, algorithm, and programming fundamentals; 
  • Algorithmic approach to identifying bugs and solving software system reliability problems; 
  • Typed JavaScript languages including Typescript; 
  • Version and package control CLIs including Git and NPM; 
  • API querying languages including GraphQL; and 
  • Experience writing software tests with frameworks including Jest.  
Must also pass company’s skills assessment.