New York, New York, United States

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Duties: Owning Two Sigma internal, and open source product. Developing internal features, such as: extend Jupyter content manager to serve internal storage system. Developing Jupyter widgets to monitor and control distributed computing jobs. Implementing an extendable side panel for user to browse / search for curated datasets from various data sources, etc. Handling new releases, deployments and daily maintenance. Planning and providing solutions for feature integration with other engineering teams. Providing technical support for internal and open source users. Directing the work of open source developers: running daily scrums, reviewing contributors’ code, and resolving issues. Running open source community efforts - incorporates feedback and feature requests from users.

Minimum education required: Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics, or related field.

Minimum experience required: 0

Skills required

  • Must have demonstrated knowledge of features & best practice of JVM languages (such as Java, Groovy, Kotlin, Scala, or Clojure). 

  • Must have demonstrated knowledge of python language and its eco-system and knowledge of implementation for python packages including pandas, numpy and tornado. 

  • Must have demonstrated knowledge in web development, solid programming foundation with JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML and CSS, including libraries and frameworks (e.g. bootstrap, requireJS etc.). 

  • Must have demonstrated knowledge of UI / UX design and responsive web design. Must have demonstrated knowledge of test-oriented development, experience in Junit, unit test, selenium and Jenkins. 

  • Must have demonstrated knowledge of build tools such as Ant, Maven, and Gradle. Must have demonstrated knowledge of Jupyter notebook’s eco-system, such as JupyterLab, nbviewer, nbconvert, nbpresent, binder etc. 

  • Must have demonstrated knowledge of object oriented programming design patterns and their best practice. 

  • Must have demonstrated knowledge in using version control software like git and mercurial.

Must also pass Company’s required skills assessment. 

Employer will accept any amount of professional experience with the required skills.