Software Engineer

New York, New York, United States

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Duties: Design, engineer and optimize software-based data structures and algorithms to process billions of records daily. Maintain and operate data services and systems by using sophisticated automation techniques and systems management paradigms. Research, engineer and develop adaptive data cleaning computer systems by using math and statistical analysis skills in the application of computer science, mathematical and engineering analytical principles. Responsible for researching, engineering, data parsing and scanning solutions to access unstructured software data. Systematically improve the quality of data retrieval systems. 

Minimum education required: Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in Computer Science, Information System Management, Electrical Engineering or related field.

Minimum experience required: 3 years of experience in software testing and application development or related experience.

Skills required

  • Must have knowledge of large-scale distributed systems. 
  • Must be proficient with modern programming language (Java or Scala). 
  • Must be proficient with scripting programming language (Bash and Python). 
  • Must have knowledge with database management system (Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL). 
  • Must be proficient on linux working environment and development. 
  • Must be proficient on software analysis, testing, and automation tools (Jacoco, Pylint, Collaborator, Fisheye, or Opengrok). 
  • Must be proficient on distributed version control systems (Git or Mercurial). 
  • Must have knowledge of building front-end applications including Javascript. 
  • Must have knowledge of designing and building scalable server applications. 
  • Must have knowledge with statistical analysis on software metrics data. 
  • Must also pass required company's skills assessment. 
Employer will accept any amount of experience in the above skills.

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