Software Engineer

New York, New York, United States

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Duties: Provide active development/engineering and support of cloud caching solutions (Jaks in GCP and Alluxio) for firm’s software systems. Contribute to engineering of storage cloud-based systems developed and supported by the Cloud Storage team (TS3 and Artifacts storage).  Work independently to engineer and implement concise software solutions that address the software system requirements at hand.  Interpret, document and adapt best practices to the public cloud caching settings to achieve balanced results and improve existing cloud software system infrastructure, wherever applicable along the way. Actively contribute to firm’s collective knowledge of cloud storage software system via wiki and forums.  

Minimum education required: Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, Electrical Engineering or other related Information Technology Field plus 2 years of experience in a Software Development type of position with experience using the following skills and technologies:

Skills required: 

  • Java, Python and shell scripting; ability to use version control systems including Git and Mercurial; 

  • Automate the configuration and scaling applications in cloud platforms (Google Cloud Platform); 

  • Handling software deployments and QA (quality assurance) with CI (continuous integration) testing methodologies; 

  • Identifying functional, performance and security defects in business-critical software (tools include JProfiler & YourKit); 

  • Modern container technologies and their components including Docker and Kubernetes; and 

  • Infrastructure application telemetry monitoring and alerting including Grafana and Prometheus.  

Must also pass company's required skills assessment.